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Topeka Mother Earth News Fair Recap

Two weekends ago we went to Topeka for the Mother Earth News Fair.  I highly encourage anyone who is into homesteading, natural living or whatever other terms used for this genre to make a weekend of one of these fairs.  I talk a little about our experience there as a vendor, but mostly my relationship […]

Earl Grey

Today we’re discussing Earl Grey tea and its mysterious origins.   We’re also briefly covering the facts we do know, which is it’s a very popular blend of (typically) black tea with bergamot oil. Play in new window | Download

The Teavana Effect

Today we’re discussing how the planned closing of Teavana stores worldwide could potentially affect our business.  In short, it’s probably a bad thing for us in the long run because they created a lot of loose leaf tea drinkers.   I also discuss my thoughts on opening up a brick and mortar retail establishment in […]

Darjeeling Tea

Just like wine grapes, tea takes on flavors from the land and climates where it is grown.  One of the best examples of this is tea from Darjeeling, a tiny area situated in the foothills of the Himalayas that produces world famous tea.   Known as the “champagne of tea”, the cool mountain air produces […]

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell

I stumbled across this article doing some research for another podcast I do (Cold War Cast) and thought it was worth sharing.  It’s George Orwell (author of Animal Farm, 1984 and a few others) describing his 11 “golden rules” to preparing tea.  I think it is kind of cool to be able to get into […]


Currants are one of my favorite plants/berries because they’re easy to grow, they grow in some places that are difficult to get other things to grow, they put out a lot of berries, they look decent enough and they’re really good for you.   What more could you ask for?    In this episode I […]

Orange Pekoe

It’s common to believe that orange pekoe is a type of tea, but in reality it’s a grade of black tea.    I know before I knew much about tea I thought that orange pekoe was just a standard type of black tea.    In this episode, I give a mile-high explanation on how tea […]

The Decline of the Firefly

This time of the year I always notice that there are far fewer lightening bugs, or fireflies, than I remember seeing when I was a kid.  Unfortunately, dwindling firefly populations are a reality and an unfortunate symptom of overdevelopment and light pollution. Play in new window | Download