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Healthy Hot Cocoa and London Fog Tea

Healthy Hot Cocoa and London Fog Tea


We have something special for you! This month we’re teaming up with Emily from Hanna Valley Protein out of Truro, IA to bring you an elegant and delectable treat. Emily has put together a special healthy hot cocoa blend made with high quality cacao, coconut sugar and her chocolate protein powder, made from all natural ingredients.  We’re including our limited edition London Fog, an exquisite Earl Grey with lavender.   Brew the tea and mix in the cocoa for a decadent tea and chocolate experience that you’re going to love.

Healthy Hot Cocoa- (2-4 servings)

London Fog Tea (1 oz, approx 10 servings)

Of course, if you want to enjoy them on their own, that’s just fine too.  This is truly a premier hot chocolate with no dairy, soy, gluten or artificial flavors. Not only is it rich and delicious, it’s made with the finest, healthiest ingredients that you will feel good about. We’re honored to pair it with our tea.

Get yourself some and plan on setting aside some time to enjoy Healthy Hot Cocoa this month.
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