Technically not “tea”, as in from the camellia sineses plant, but rather a shrub native to South Africa that produces a rich, deep red liquid when brewed.   Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, full of vitamins and minerals and it is said that it can ease tension.  The taste is somewhat fruity, but with no sweetness.    Rooibos contains no tannins, so it isn’t bitter.

The Boers from the Netherlands began to use rooibos as tea early on in the settlement of South Africa.   It was expensive to ship tea, let alone anything, to their small, far-flung outpost at the bottom of Africa.   They coped by hiking up into the hills to bring down the needles from this red bush (“rooibos” in Afrikans) to dry and crush into a tea-like substance.

Rooibos is pretty much only grown in South Africa.   Attempts have been made to cultivate it in similar climates to its home on the Western Cape, but to no avail – the plant needs the unique microclimate of the region.

We only source the finest rooibos with a high leaf to stem ratio, giving the tea a better flavor and color.

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