Victory Tea



Big Brother, Outer Party and the Proles say this tea is doubleplus good, comrade!

In George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, there are a couple references to blackberry leaf tea as a stand-in for real tea.  In the fictional world depicted in the novel, the tea producing regions of the world were either squarely within Eastasia or in regions that were in constant flux between the three major powers.  Of course, the inner party members of Oceania had access to real tea.  All the proles and lower-party members of “Airstrip One” had to make due with blackberry leaf “Victory Tea”.

Although 1984 was a work of fiction, blackberry leaf has been used during lean times as a stand-in for black tea.  During World War II many goods from overseas became difficult to acquire in the British Isles, including tea.   Britons overcame the shortage with a stiff upper lip by turning towards blackberry leaf tea, which has a flavor not too far off from black tea.

In this tea you can either taste the history of lean times or get in touch with one of the most notorious fictional worlds ever created in literature.  Or you can just simply enjoy a cup of pleasant, healthy blackberry leaf tea too.


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