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April Wellness Tea Box

April Wellness Tea Box

We put together a very special Wellness Tea Box for you this month. As soon as this box came together with the special bonus we’re including we’ve been anxiously waiting to be able to flip the page on our calendar and share it with you. 

Wellness Boxes start shipping out April 5 

This box includes our ever-popular Allergy Relief tea (caffeine free). Sometimes during the spring this can be a hard one for us to keep stocked up with just because so many people have come to swear by it when throats get sore, eyes get red and noses start to run during allergy season. It does a great job of taking the edge off all the nasty side effects of seasonal allergies. It also tastes very pleasant and is loaded with colorful and beneficial herbs that will have you feeling good, whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or not. 
The second tea is one we haven’t shared with the world yet, Organic Recovery (caffeine free). This tea is an ayurvedic powerhouse with turmeric, ginger, peppermint, amalaki, rosemary, cinnamon, black pepper and oregano. The anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties of this blend is through the roof and will do wonders towards keeping your body healthy and in balance. It tastes good and rights a lot of wrongs that we all suffer from day to day. 
...but that’s not all!As a special bonus we’re including a tea kettle shaped saucer painted by local artist Dina from Five Monkeys Inc. Each one is unique and they’re absolutely beautiful! To be honest, we spent several minutes ooh-ing and ahh-ing over them when we first saw her work, resisting the urge to horde them for ourselves! We’re blown away by the work she put into these and your kettle saucer is sure to add a splash of color to wherever you take your tea.Included in box: 
Allergy Relief Tea 
Organic Recovery 
Reusable tea bag 
Custom painted tea saucer 
Limited Stock, Special Edition, Caffeine Free, Each tea saucer is unique, beautiful, custom painted and boxes are packaged up and ready to ship.
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