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Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea

2 Ounces
The exact history of Earl Grey tea is a little shadowy, but most leads point towards the desire in Victorian-era Britain to come up with a flavor that would approximate some of the exotic scented teas of China. They went with bergamot oil, a citrus fruit that grows in the warm Mediterranean regions of Italy. From then on to the present day, Earl Grey has become synonymous with “high society” in the Anglosphere.  You may be firmly in the middle class, but for a modest price you can enjoy an Earl Grey fit for royalty.If your only experience with Earl Grey comes from the mass-produced tea bags, you are in for a real treat here with bold black tea and the distinct citrus flavor that bergamot gives it that I think often gets lost in the aforementioned tea bags.If you need a celebrity endorsement to pick up some Earl Grey tea, Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise likes it hot.
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