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Russian Caravan Tea

Russian Caravan Tea

2 Ounces
Ever since Tsar Michael I of Russia was given the gift of tea by the Mongolians in the early 1600’s, Russia has been crazy for black tea.   Today over 80% of Russians report drinking tea daily and it all began hundreds of years ago when Chinese traders established a camel route between the tea plantations of their native lands to the Russian population centers west of the Urals, eager for tea.   The Chinese traders would pack the tea into bricks for ease of transport and make the long, cross-continental journey.   According to the legend, the black tea destined for Russia picked up a smoky taste from the many nights the bricks of tea spent next to camp fires along the way.The demand for tea eventually sent the Russians eastward into Asia.  The route used by traders to get tea into the heart of Russia eventually evolved into the famed Trans-Siberian Railway and Trans-Siberian Highway and ultimately consolidated an empire that stretches across eleven time zones.While our tea did not cross overland and camp out underneath the stars next to a camp fire every night, this bold black tea blend has smoky tones that Russian tea is known for.Get yourself some to enjoy a little taste of history.
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