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Russian Earl Grey

Russian Earl Grey

2 Ounces
Earl Grey, the quintessential tea of European aristocracy, is given a Russian twist by adding orange peel and lemongrass for a nice citrusy cup of tea that would be at home in the finest tea houses of St. Petersburg.We start with a very fine Earl Grey with a bergamot aroma that can be described as nothing short of beautiful.  Lemongrass gives it a nice, smooth citrus flavor complemented by organic orange peel pieces.  This tea smells and tastes wonderful and looks as good as it tastes.   While Earl Grey wouldn’t normally be my first choice for an iced tea, this one does make a nice iced tea.What’s so Russian about lemongrass and orange peel?   Well, they really enjoy citrus flavors in Russia.  Although semi-tropical fruit aren’t exactly the first things we think of when we think of Russia, but citrus fruits have long been a staple of trade ties between European Russia and the balmy Black Sea coast and the Caucasus Region, where they are used abundantly.  In fact, a very common “comfort food” (or drink, rather) in Russia is black tea with Tang and cinnamon.   This blend fits right in with the Russian preference of black tea AND citrus. Try it today!
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